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Get your SiMi™ (Startup Investment Model Index) Score, it effectively assesses the maturity of your startup based on eight key categories. It's your path to success with your investors.

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About SiMi™

SiMi™ is like a FICO Score for Startups

SiMi™ (Startup Investment Model Index) measures startup maturity, opportunity, and risk, while eliminating the bias and prejudice in venture-funding.

SiMi™ is like a FICO Score for Startups. Much like the impact of the FICO Score on consumer lending, SiMi™ informs and empowers startup founders on venture investability — independent of gender, race, or other identities.

SiMi™ will be available to all founders and investors - free of charge.

Less than


of VC funding went to female founders in 2018

Here's the issue

Loss of Objectivity

SiMi™ provides objective measures for VCs to use when making funding decisions. By normalizing the founder’s and investor’s assessment of the startup against a pool of other assessments, it removes any one individual’s bias. The result helps founders assess the state of their early stage startup vs. their peers. It also helps direct founders toward VCs that may be receptive to funding them.

By 2020


of VC funding will go to startups with female founders

What we’re doing about it

Democratizing venture capital funding using data and analytics

By focusing purely on the state-of-the-startup and using sophisticated data and analytics, SiMi™ delivers entirely new levels of funding transparency and benchmarking. The baseline data model already includes more than 1,030 1st round funded startups, with input from both founders and funders.

SiMi™: Baseline Data Model

1,030 Funded Startups


Investors & Founders

Input gathered from both Investors and Founders from 446 funded startups.



Input gathered from Founders from 507 funded startups.



Input gathered from Investors from 77 funded startups.

SiMi™ Independently Validated

SiMi™ Evens the Playing Field for Minority Founders

The SiMi methodology and baseline data analysis of 752 first-time funded startups was conducted by Michael Brown as his Capstone Project, a part of the Level program in collaboration with Northeastern's Experiential Network. Eliza Spang, Executive Director at Level, notes, "Sponsored by Northeastern, Level Education provides learners with high-quality, intensive, experiential educational programs that support them in gaining high-demand skills needed to advance their personal and professional goals. Our collaboration with Northeastern's Experiential Network enables Level students to engage in Capstone Projects with industry sponsors, like F4.'"

SiMi will transform how VCs fund early-stage startups because it creates an objective measurement of the startup," says Mr. Brown. His further analysis of SiMi's baseline data model of 752 first-time funded startups uncovered critical information about the VC-funding environment. "While there are not many female-founded startups, they compare favorably with their peers, he found." Second, at each stage of funding, different factors correlate to funding decisions. This validates the two-phase approach to the SiMi methodology.

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Our Research Partner

We would like to acknowledge Northeastern’s Experiential Network for their contribution to validate the SiMi methodology and analyzing the baseline data model dataset.


“In my work growing and scaling startups, both local and global, I have discovered that founders live deeply within the microcosm of their innovation, their passion, their solution, for their marketplace; lacking a well-rounded view of the health of their enterprise and the projected impact they aspire to make on the industry. The SiMi™ Score, as a FICO for startups, is a fantastic tool in gauging the DNA of a startup from ideation, through traction into growth, allowing founders to accurately deliver hard data to investors in a language each party can identify with. I look forward to witnessing the SiMi™ system grow and eventually take root for any startup, in any industry.”

Kiki Mwiti


“SiMi™ has the potential to level the playing field in a very meaningful way. Removing bias and dealing with tangible criteria is a must in order to change the funding dynamic.”

Smaiyra Million

Babson College

“Recent research suggests that VCs may often unknowingly implicitly discount businesses started by women, because they perceive them differently than men. We need to find a way to bypass those biases, so that VCs will be able fund investments purely on what will make the most economic and social impact.”

Dr. Saikat Chaudhuri

Wharton’s Mack Institute

“Actions speak louder than words. SiMi™ and the work June Manley is doing is championing today's entrepreneurial ecosystem by leveling the playing field for women and underrepresented groups. The time to evolve out of old paradigm thinking and behaving and to stop sending badly needed solutions to die in the entrepreneurial graveyard because of bias is now. SiMi™ is the method and system that becomes the "New How" for funding the American Dream.”

Michelle Van Otten

Profit Ventures

“Attracting, Developing and Sustaining Women in Technology is a global imperative. To advance industry modernization with Advanced Analytics, AI, IoT, Robotics, Nano-Tech, etc. - we have a responsibility to ensure our workforce is diverse and fairly represented. There is no more need for studies on the value of women in business. The leadership value women bring to enable higher performing organizations is well proven. What stands in women’s advancement is old mental models full of myths, and unregulated diversity controls in the technology sector. It is time to change the landscape and come together, both men and women, to have accountabilities for improvements. Our children deserve better. Women Matter!”

Dr. Cindy Gordon

SalesChoiceBoard Director, CATA

“Every year that goes by where we continue to fund the exact same pool of overwhelmingly male, overwhelmingly white founders is one where we are missing out on the opportunities to find important new innovations.” [1]

Ethan Mollick

The Wharton School

F4 Capital

Female Founders Faster Forward (F4Capital) is fundamentally changing how startups secure capital. Our innovative Startup Investment Model Index (SiMi™) effectively measures startup maturity, opportunity, and risk, while eliminating bias and prejudice in prevailing venture-funding processes. Our effort is not about personal profit; we are developing SiMi™ as a registered 501c3 non-profit.

Help SiMi™ get developed — today.

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